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Reflecting on the youth position in 2023 and anticipating the youth perspective in 2024: What results we have achieved in 2023?

Posted on January 2024

In 2023 we have involved more than 2000 young people locally, nationally and internationally. Our work focused on topics that are important and of interest to young people (good neighborly relations, EU integration processes, employment and entrepreneurship, youth policies, participation, and information for young people) to promote and advance the position of young people in the region. Our aim is to facilitate a dynamic dialogue and foster collaboration among key stakeholders to create an enabling political climate for the development of a good-quality life for young people and position of the youth in the society. During the event you will have the chance to discover the initiatives we've undertaken, explore the conclusions for 2023, and discuss potential avenues for collective action in 2024 in shaping a positive future for the youth.


Key findings focused on youth regarding the cooperation between North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria

C4CF 2023 - year in review - What it's in there for the young people from North Macedonia and Greece?

Is your city friendly to social enterprises? - Evaluation chart created within the project 'Ground Up: Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Boost for Resilient Cities'

Policy brief - Exposing the Demographic Decline: A Policy Brief on marginalization and the Impending Gap in the Young Person Population

White paper - Youth perception on the sensitive relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria

Youth Manifesto - for elevating and empowering youth action for the region's future

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