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   About M - ZONE

The virtual youth hub "M zone" is an online platform for youth information, engagement, training and networking in order to actively involve them in the society. The idea for "M Zone" stems from the challenges brought to us by 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemics. With the activities that will be organized in the virtual youth hub, we will open opportunities for online education of young people, as well as for their more active engagement using the new virtual trends. Our idea for working on the virtual youth hub is supported by the OSCE Mission to Skopje.

Young people with their creative and innovative ideas are the solution to social challenges and needs, and are not part of the problems. Using modern technology, young people can lead key changes to make positive impacts among their peers, in their communities and in the wider society.


"M Zone" offers active engagement of young people, relevant and verified information, online training opportunities and (discussions) - online meetings with decision makers. That is why we will organize various events on social networks (FB, Instagram, YouTube, TickTock) through the use of attractive digital tools, quizzes, online contests and challenges, etc.

This year all physical events, seminars, workshops were canceled and that is why we saw the importance of wide and open online discussions in which young people will be involved in order to have their voice heard. With the virtual youth hub, the Youth Alliance Krusevo continues to invest in the social capital built with the youth since 1999.


That is why we invite you to actively participate in online discussions, to apply for an interview, to listen to our podcasts, to share your opinions and views on online quizzes, to participate in live interviews on social channels and networks, to follow our videos, tell us your story and write about your ideas, suggestions and comments at contact@youthalliance.org.mk.


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