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   Hellenic – North Macedonia Youth Cooperation Offices

The goal of the initiative is to establish, enable and foster cooperation among young people from North Macedonia and Greece by creating a bilateral youth cooperation office in both countries. The formula for success is bringing as much young people from both countries together, in order to break stereotypes and hinder political manipulation of young people.


-Process of establishment

We have recognized the urgent need to engage young people in dialogue by creating concrete actions for shaping the future of the region. By establishing the youth offices in North Macedonia and Greece we are giving to the young people an opportunity to cooperate for common future. This process will be open space for sharing good working and innovative practices in the field of youth reconciliation.


-Inception phase

Cultural kick off, youth info points in Valandovo and Thessaloniki, networking, analysis about young people feelings, dialogue and policy making are the key steps in the inception phase. This phase of the initiative is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and USA Embassy in North Macedonia.


-Operationalization phase

Process of creation joint policies and enabling legal frameworks which will set minimum standards and define the roles and responsibilities. During this phase we will create the legal framework and operational documents guided by the international legal experts in direct collaboration with facilitation and cooperation team.


-From political will to implementation

The cooperation team together with facilitation team will have the task of preparing a draft strategic plan, draft action plan, draft annual program and a draft joint declaration for establishing the bilateral youth cooperation office based on the results of the conducted activities in the previous phases. This phase will also include national consultations in both countries by involving all relevant stakeholders.

-Establishment of the bilateral offices of cooperation

The process will be cycled with establishment of the bilateral youth cooperation offices that will be inter-governmental body for connecting young people from both countries based on the spirit of reconciliation and building good neighborly relations.            


What we have done so far?

Preparatory meeting | 29-30.11.2019 | Thessaloniki | Management  

Review of the division of tasks and responsibilities, coordination of the planned project activities, analyze of the financial mechanism of the project, milestones and transparency in the implementation steps were the key discussions during the meeting. We were not so boring, the meeting was filled with matchmaking, smile making and ice braking.  


-Cultural kick off | 31.01.2020 | Skopje | Promotion

The event that included more than 300 young people and different stakeholders (decision makers, NGO activists, diplomats, journalists) from both countries. The program of the cultural kickoff event was consisting of official welcome, debate, gastronomy route, open mike and music performance.


-Photo exhibition “History of cooperation” | 31.01.2020| Skopje | Promotion 

148 pictures were visually presenting our pathway of development cooperation between the young people from both neighboring countries.    


-Meeting for future cooperation | 20.02.2020 | Podgorica | Exchange

Members of the project team, Metodija Stojceski and Anelija Mitrova had meeting with Mr. Tobias Bütow, German Secretary General of the Franco-German Youth Office for planning the future cooperation with Franco-German Youth Office and implementation of the study visit in Germany. 


-Initial steps for info point | 20.05.2020 | Valandovo | Management

The initial aim of the meeting was signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. After official part, our team had opportunity to visit physical places that were chosen by the municipality  to be spot of the info point in Valandovo. 

-Contact Making Conference 26.02.2021 | Digital Event  

The Conference was the final event of the first (inception) phase of the initiative. Many intellectuals, experts and young people from the both countries took part at the conference. 

-Storytelling Evening - "Youth Mobilities Evening" | 14.12.2020 | Online Event 

On December 14, our first joint event took place, establishing this collaboration. Four people, two from Greece and two from North Macedonia respectively, embarked on a journey of surveying experiences and recollections, directly linked to the relations between the two countries.

- Movie Night: "Can You See Yourself in my Life?" | 18.12.2020 | Online Event 

 The event was the outcome of the collaboration of the initiative and the civil society organization Balkans Beyond Borders.

- Shadow play: Greek and North Macedonian Actors Respond to the Impact of COVID-19 on Arts | 21.12.2020 | Online Event 

The event was focused on the impact of the global pandemic of covid-19 on Arts. The event was organized by Anelija MitrovaAigli Sakellari and Nikos Bakirtzis. There were two main speakers; one from and one from North Macedonia. The Greek speaker was actor Konstantinos BibisSimona Dimkovska an actress as well spoke about the Macedonian experience of being an artist during these uncertain and difficult times. 

Bilateral Debate Cinema: Saving Our Commons | 28.04.2021 | Online Event


Bilateral group made up by Greeks and Macedonian young people gathered online to watch the film Lake of Apples. The film, directed by Ljubo Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska, captures the transformation of the relationship with the environment, which restores the vital functions of the ecosystem of Lake Prespa – one of the oldest freshwater ecosystems on Earth, home to more than 2,000 species of plants and animals, many of which are endemic. 

Agenda 2030 and the SDG: A Discussion on Progress and Challenges in Greece and North Macedonia | 13.04.2021 | Online Event 

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