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Youth Digizone aims to harness digitization, remote learning experiences and digital tools to mobilize young people as purposeful citizens to reinvent a more inclusive regional cooperation process. Equally, the project aims to work with young people to raise their decision making and advocacy skills and to help mold a generation of democratic leaders who cross historical, geographical and cultural barriers for a fair and inclusive economy. The inclusion of young people in Covid-19 recovery processes may also assist to avoid over-ambitious agendas and ensure that solutions are properly to real needs and emerging circumstances of the region. 

Using youth-friendly platforms to create a conducive environment for young people, Youth Digizone aims to:

- to be heard, acknowledged and seen;

- to developed their capacity to critically review Post Covid recovery plan through a regional cooperation and youth lens;

- to collaboratively design, implement and evaluate innovative solutions for overcoming the crisis especially when it comes to young people in the region;

- to stabilizing public discourse by shifting from radicalization towards "radicals" for peace and reconciliation thus fostering cooperation across the Western Balkans regions;

- to become active decision makers within regional cooperation processes and post recovery policymaking relevant to the Western Balkans; 

- to create a space for social cohesion, solidarity and democratic processes through sharing good practices; 

The project envisions 8 different activities:

1. Project Planning - Kick-off and Evaluation meetings - activities for coordination among the different partners, project planning and division of tasks. 

2. Youth Lens Polls - social media polls that will examine the young people`s opinion about the consequences of Covid-19 crisis had on them. 

3. Digital Zone Building - a bootcamp that will focus on sharing and developing regional insights and way forward from the youth survey feedback. 

4. Digital Conversations - podcast series focusing on the Covid-19 policies. Every organization should conduct one podcast episode in their country. 

5. Western Balkan Youth Stories - virtual media campaign to share their stories online in a safe space showcasing how Covid-19 has impacted Western Balkans. 

6. Knowledge Caffe - physical event - thinking sessions to come up with campaign ideas to share this information digitally to advocate for their desired outcomes. 

7. Media Campaign "Best Future Ideas" - Based on the data and insights collected through the previous activities, a social media campaign will be launched for young people to share their best future ideas. 

8. Parliament of the Future - parliament as a place for reflection for solutions of the problems that young people face in the region. 

We would like to invite you to participate in our project and give your contribution through answering our poll at the following link.


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