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Be a voice, not an echo! Youth Alliance - Krusevo

Why to support us?

The results we have achieved in the past twenty years indicate success in the youth work. Our success has already been confirmed with numerous honors at local, national and international level. This success will not be completed without domestic and international support.

In the past period, we have implemented over 800 projects for the promotion of active participation of young people in all spheres of society. We are leading and encouraging changes with new and alternative solutions to youth issues. And you can support the changes with direct and indirect support to implement our activities. Each of your support will contribute to achieving our goals. Your support for us is not only financial but also moral support.

How can you support us?

Direct support of our activities covered envisaged in our programs. If you have opportunities or supportive ideas, contact us at: youthalliance@youthalliance.org.mk

Indirect support

Since 2016, the Youth Alliance - Krushevo has two teams that actively contribute to providing funds for the implementation of our activities.


Offers audio and video streaming services over the internet for various users and events dedicated towards positive social changes. Hereby the service users have the opportunity to promote their products and services, to hold lectures and presentations. It is suitable for the transmission of live events over the Internet, for televisions and radios. At the same time, the media team is a complete solution, including audio / video recording equipment, appropriate hardware and software, and online broadcasting.


The organizing team of the Youth Alliance - Krushevo is an experienced organizer of events. Types of events organized by YAK include trainings, workshops, conferences and debates for various types of participants and audiences. The members of the organizing team have great experience with organizing events and excellent contacts with event service providers in the country (translation, equipment, catering, etc.). If you are interested in hiring assistance in organizing events, please contact us at info@youthalliance.org.mk or at our office numbers. In the past two years, YAK has organized more than 50 international events attended by about 1000 participants.

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