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Why and how? 

Being a positive role model in the youth activism inspires young people's activity, hardwork and encourages them to achieve their goals. We, Youth Alliance – Krusevo, do not think that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. We know that young people are leaders of today. Participation in our activities and events, volunteer actions, being a member of Youth Alliance – Krusevo is part of the opportunities for YOU TO TAKE ACTION!  

Opportunities in Youth Alliance - Krusevo

To become a volunteer in Youth Alliance - Krusevo it is necessary to send a message or a letter expressing interest in volunteering in the Youth Alliance – Krusevo and CV. A responsible associate in our organization will inform the applicants on the volunteering opportunities as soon as possible. Typically, Youth Alliance - Krusevo accepts volunteers twice a year or more frequently depending on the number of applications and / or opportunities.

To be an INETRN in Youth Alliance - Krusevo it is necessary that a higher education institutions from Macedonia or abroad to send a request with a brief description of the required practical training for its students (attending undergraduate or postgraduate studies), as well as its duration and the number of students requiring practice to be realized in our organization. The responsible associate at Youth Alliance - Krusevo will respond to the request within the term or as soon as possible.

How to become a volunteer? 

Any person at the age of 15 and over can become a volunteer at the YAK based on the submitted volunteering application and by signing a volunteering contract.  Volunteers are actively involved in the program activities of Youth Alliance - Krusevo and they pursue their everyday tasks at our headquarters in Krusevo or at the office in Skopje. Also, you can be part of the European Voluntary Service through Youth Alliance – Krusevo.

Please inform me about the activities of the YAK 

If you want to keep up with our activities, send us your contact information. The YAK team will regularly and promptly inform you about our next activities.

How to become a member of YAK? 

Member of the YAK can be any citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia at the age of 15 and over and who has accepted the statue, plan and twork program, signed a membership application in YAK, and according to the Law of Associations and Foundations has completed the limit of 500 hours of continuous volunteer work in the Association during one calendar year registered in the voluntary booklet.

Share ideas 

Youth Alliance – Krusevo is an organization run by youth for young people, providing opportunity for experience, knowledge and information to all parties involved. All your ideas, suggestions and proposals are welcomed and extremely important for our work. Share your ideas with us!

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