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   Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Action

General Info

Social entrepreneurship offers valuable opportunities for detecting the potential of young people, initiating entrepreneurial ideas among them and empowering youth actions to tackle social problems, improve communities and people’s life options. The variety in the field of youth action through the social entrepreneurship was in the focus of the Training Course "Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Action". The starting point was that social entrepreneurship offers a triple advantage: it offers innovative ways of introducing young people to the world of work, and even of creating youth employment, it can support active citizenship with a clear sense of ‘social mission’ and it helps social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.


Specific learning objectives 

  • Training of 33 prospective youth leaders/workers in the field of youth social entrepreneurship aiming to improve the participants’ knowledge and competences to initiate and support social entrepreneurial spirit among young people;
  • To raise awareness of youth social entrepreneurship qualities among the participants with special attention to opportunities for youth employment, active citizenship and social inclusion; 
  • To explore and promote entrepreneurial potential of the ‘Youth in Action’ programme as a starting point for youth social entrepreneurship.

Project Activities 

"Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Action" Project provided opportunity to the youth workers and leaders, participants of the training course, for expanding their comprehension of social entrepreneurship. Moreover, they were challenged to generate social business models, to create business plans based on the social needs and to evaluate marketing tools for promotion of their social business ideas. 

The project was developed by active involvement of all stakeholders throughout different project phases: Planning and Preparation, Implementation of the Activity, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results and Evaluation.

 You can find more information about the results of the international training course “Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Action” in the project brochure.

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