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   Diversity, our Value

General Info 

"Diversity our Value" was a multilateral youth exchange aimed at providing opportunity for young people to come together and jointly explore diversities as common values. The main project  idea is stated in the title "Diversity our Value", that means promoting diversities as our values (values of young people) through exploring common values in the core of diversities. The main idea has been developed by 58 young people from 9 countries: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Turkey during an exchange, organized by Youth Alliance Krusevo, which took place in Krusevo, North Macedonia from September 15-22, 2011.

General project objectives

  • Raising awareness about our differences as our common values through fostering exchange and mutual understanding although we all come from different cultural backgrounds;
  • Promoting volunteerism through exchange of experiences as an opportunity for development of solidarity, sharing and social cohesion;
  • Sharing positive examples of meeting young people’s goals by their active participation in the society, which contribute to the idea for young people to create their own future;
  • Development of tolerance between young people from different cultural backgrounds and their encouragement for active participation in the society.


  • Our common values are Respect, Awareness, Choice and Action, and we all have Equal Opportunities for these  values;
  • Intolerance, prejudices and stereotypes arise from our lack of knowledge, and best way to tackle them is by raising awareness and education;
  • Our role – Role of Young people – powerful force of promotion and facilitation of values;
  • Future actions: Quality and impact of learning mobility of young people; Promotion of youth participation; Quality of volunteering; Youth networking.

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