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   Pro-per Development

General Info

The project PRO-PER development is a Training Course organized in December 2015, with an aim of bringing together youth workers, social workers, youth leaders, trainers and project organizers to work together for one week and address the issue of youth unemployment.

Main project objective

The main objective of the project is gathering together youth workers, trainers, social workers, project organizers, youth leaders to work mutually in order to develop solutions for the problem of youth unemployment.

Main project activities

International youth training course was held in Osilnica, Slovenia where 27 participants attended from 9 countries. The training course was based on the professional personal and nonformal education principals in the youth filed with young unemployed people. Areas covered during the training course: self-study and encouragement of youth workers to promote "stepping-out-of-the-comfort-zone" when working with young unemployed people, encouraging young activists to develop more development programs and employment skills among youth and determination of the problems of the unemployment and appropriate solutions to these problems.

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