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Main reasons to carry out youth exchange ‘Queens Tech’ are:

- to address the issue of youth unemployment and the upsurge in technology trends which is bringing new job opportunities. The number of jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields are increasing because they are key to reaping the rewards of 4IR, including improved healthcare, access to education, and higher standards of living. On the other hand, STEM fields are also key to dealing with the revolution’s potential downsides, such as climate change, cyber warfare and the reorientation of job sectors

- one of the issues to be address by the project it’s the gender gap within the STEM fields. So it is imperative that women reap the benefits and are involved in finding solutions

- to promote the idea of more girls choosing STEM-based careers in the near future. If we look at the chart of workers in the field, we can see that women are often under-represented in the fields of STEM especially engineering, both in academia and in the profession, yet many have contributed to the diverse fields of engineering historically and currently.

Project objectives:

-To increase the awareness and interest in STEM field

- To increase awareness of the gender gap in STEM field - To improve attitude towards women in STEM field

- To increase understanding of career paths in STEM field - To increase confidence and tendency to pursue STEM in higher education and working career

- To increase confidence in working with technology - To improve creative thinking among the youngsters and the ability to solve problems

- To Increase engagement between young people and role models/mentors in the sector

- To promote Erasmus + Programme as opportunity for gaining new skills and competencies of young people and to encourage creation of future projects

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