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Be a voice, not an echo! Youth Alliance - Krusevo

Youth Alliance is a team of professional workers in the youth field that are dedicated to the community development. Youth Alliance is a trustful partner that get involved with all the resources each time is planning to achieve some results through a long term program/project/activity. EuroDEMOS congratulate YAK team for all the sustainable results and 
we wish them success in achieving the aims dedicated to youth sector development
Catalina Aghinetei, Director of Sustainable Development Department within  EuroDEMOS Association/Romania

YAK is one of the most active organization, which foster the cooperation between representatives of all the countries of the region. When I see that something is being organized by YAK, I know that everything will be perfect and with maximum quality. The whole team is great and you could always rely on them and their support for all of your cool ideas 
- Alexandar Ivanov, Former President at National Youth Forum/Bulgaria 

Youth Alliance Krusevo is a wonderful and inspiring organization, aiding in the development of Balkan youth as well as contributing to the development of more proactive, mature and democratic mentality within the region.

-  Iztok Zver, Slovenia

I'm working with Youth Alliance for almost 5 years and I can say only good things about them. YA is an organization which really know what they are doing, what are their goals and how they want to achieve them. They don't hesitate to go into the core of the problem, which is very rare in ExYu countries, and that can be seen whether you are their partner, participant on their trainings and conferences, or you are just following them on Social Media. I'm sure the best is yet to come for Youth Alliance.

Nemanja Zivkovic, Co-Founder & President at Pirot E Publika Association/Serbia 

Working and volunteering with YAK people is always a pleasure which allows youth and professionals to transfer knowledge and give unforgettable opportunities. Shape your future, take the chance! YAK is the answer.
 - Silvia Crocitta, Forum Nazionale Giovani Official Member of the Pool of Trainers/Italy

YAK is perfect symbiosis of energy, activism and enthusiasm which aim at empowering young people in every possible aspect. It is particularly satisfying to see how YAK is part of numerous young people's development.

 - Maja Stojanoska, Macedonia 

For me YAK team is like my relatives who I see at vacations and you always look forward to sharing these little moments together

- Evi Tzoumerka, Former Country Liaison Officer of Model European Union Strasbourg/Greece

 I feel lucky for having the chance to cooperate with YAK, an organization that endorses all marvelous, astonishing, implausible lineaments of an outstanding team.

 - Avdyl Gashi, Kosovo

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