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   Ready, Steady = JOB

General Info 

The International Training Course "Ready, Steady=JOB" was successfully delivered in Krusevo,  Macedonia by the international team of trainers from October 8-15, 2012. The TC Ready, Steady=JOB offered an excellent learning opportunity to 27 youth leaders/youth workers who deal with groups that are affected by unemployment and wish to transfer the knowledge or would like to bring along affected young people.  As the work of these leaders and youth workers is particularly challenged by the problems they are facing nowadays, they are constantly seeking for new tools, methods and techniques to work with these youngsters.

Main theme of the project 

Main theme was "Youth Workers for youth initiative, youth creativity and youth employability".

Specific learning objectives

  • To provide a nonformal learning and exchange of experience between youth workers/ leaders how to stimulate young people’s creativity, to develop entrepreneurial skills and initiative;
  • To equip youth workers/leaders with new tools, competences and knowledge to work with young people in order to stimulate their spirit of initiative, their preparation to enter the labor market and their ability for active participation;
  • To prepare participants for sharing acquired knowledge, new tools and new skills  with other youth workers/leaders in their countries (multiplier effect) and apply them in their work with young people particularly in work with young unemployed people;
  • To promote international cooperation, sustain and extend existing networks of youth workers and youth leaders, and initiate projects with multilateral approach to youth employment and youth participation;
  • To promote the Youth in Action programme as an opportunity for gaining new skills and competencies among young people and to encourage the creation of future projects within  the framework of the programme with unemployed youngsters as a target group of promoters.

You can find more information about the results of the international training course "Ready, Steady = JOB" in the project brochure.

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