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   Open square

General Info 

From 2003 to 2011 Youth Alliance - Krusevo in association with different partners and supporters organized the multimedia happening "Open Square".

Main project objectives

  • Promotion of cultural differences in the region of Southeast Europe as a cohesion factor;
  • Necessity to present new contemporary cultural values and change the old stereotypes and prejudices;
  • Organizing this kind of happening with young people from all over the SEE is a perfect opportunity to promote a new alternative form of expressing attitudes despite the political and violent methods, dominating in our region in the last 15 years;
  • Possibility for local development trough alternative forms of culture.

Main project activities 

Our vision is to make use of rare artistic performances such as street musicians, street theatre, jugglers, pantomime, which are usual for the European squares, for the moment to bring Europe closer and make us feel Europeans as we should feel. Music and friendship will help us change old stereotypes and prejudices that have existed among the communities and societies in our region in the past few years.

The manifestation "Open Square" is a creation of new values and gives opportunities for the young people to share their opinion and points of view despite the predominance of politics in Southeast Europe. The concept of this project is an opportunity for connecting the ideas of the Youth from the region and Southeast Europe countries and better communication in order to encourage the cultural awareness.

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