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General information

'DigiPath - Youth Up 4 Possibilities’ addresses youth unemployment by enabling shared digital youth work in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Unsustainable youth brain drain is a big risk. Trends show young people migrating from WB6 economies, to Croatia and Slovenia, there is a lack of shared data on flows and quality opportunities. Four urgent concerns contribute to young people living in precarious conditions: unemployment, repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, sluggish transition to digital youth work, and absence of inter-sectoral collaboration. In the 24-month project, partners will collaborate to develop a digital tool that connects education, labor market and the youth sector to each other and young people. Enabling visibility about decent personal and professional development opportunities in home and destination countries.

The concrete, tangible product from this project would be a DIGITAL PLATFORM that will connect three crucial sectors for enhancing youth employment: the educational sector (universities, faculties, institutes, and other higher education institutions), the labor market and the civic youth organizations sector, all as opportunities providers. 


  • Enhance capacities of 8 youth organizations in inter-sectorial cooperation with education and the labor market;
  • Support the digital transition and increase competences in digital youth work;
  • Enable participating organizations to co-deliver sustainable projects supporting youth future prospects;
  • Create a digital tool, DIGITAL PLATFORM, enabling cooperation between sectors, youth participation and strengthening cooperation in WB6 economies, Croatia and Slovenia;
  • Setting a circular framework of youth empowerment.

Project activities 

1. Kick-off meeting in Skopje, North Macedonia [25-27 January 2024] 

The Kick-off meeting was held in Skopje, North Macedonia, as part of the preparation phase of the project. The primary objective of the preparatory phase is to establish a foundation for the implementation stage of the project. The project will use a multi-layer and co-production methodology for overall coordination and governance. For the Kick-off meeting, a project team that represents all participating countries was formed, and communication, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms were put in place. During the kick-off meeting, project partners thoroughly reviewed all project aspects, identified shared values to be incorporated and agreed to sign partnership agreements. This process ensured alignment, established guiding principles, and formalized commitments among the collaborators, setting a solid foundation for the project's success. 

2. Study visit in Zagreb, Croatia [22-27 April 2024] 

The first study visit of the project took place in Zagreb with an aim to provide youth workers and representatives of youth organizations with an opportunity to explore local and regional practices in inter-sectoral cooperation, with a particular emphasis on the topics of digitalization and sustainability The activities were conducted over six working days, including two representatives from each partner organization. These activities were led by a team of two skilled facilitators with experience in international youth work and cross-sectoral cooperation.   

The study visit program involved visits to the Croatian Employment Service – CES, the Construction Trade Union of Croatia, the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb – IDIZ, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mali Tehnopolis Samobor, Erste Bank, and Gamechuck, with the goal of learning from successful models, networking, and developing new partnerships across sectors. They utilized non-formal education methods and tools, by promoting active participation of participants, and emphasizing learning through field visits and analysis of case studies.   

3. Study visit in Belgrade, Serbia [03-08 July 2024]

The second study visit was implemented in Belgrade, and it involved visits and presentations by the following relevant stakeholders: IT Bootcamp School, NCR Voyix Corporation, the youth with dissabilities Forum, the Science Technology Park Belgrade, the National Employment Service, as well as a guided tour of the Museum of Yugoslavia. The visits mostly covered the topics of youth (un)employment and labor rights. 

A crucial component of both study visits was entailing visiting representatives from all sectors of the triangle, including industry (labor market), education, and youth, to foster a conducive environment for networking, sharing of best practices, and mutual learning. 

4. Research phase - active

In this phase, we will conduct a thorough mapping exercise into the actors representing various sectors, such as youth, education, business, and local and national governments across the participating countries. Our aim is to collect data and information related to education, career development, active participation and involvement of young people, inter-sectoral initiatives, existing platforms and tools at national and local levels, and cross-border collaborations. Access to accurate data is currently one of the primary challenges faced by consortium organizations.  

Through our research, we will reach out to stakeholders to obtain the necessary data, which will help in creating programs and activities that cater to the actual needs of young people. The research activities will encompass 8 focus groups, 80 in-depth interviews, 800 questionnaires, and 1 desk research per country. 

5. Presenting the results at the 22nd International Youth Conference "European values for the future of SEE countries"

The results from the research phase will be used in the process of creation of the digital platform, but they will also be presented during the 22nd International Youth Conference that will take place from 26th to 30th September in Krusevo, North Macedonia. 

The project involves a variety of activities in the next period such as: cross-sectorial round tables in each country, International multiplier event, National multiplier events, podcasts, as well as testing and prelaunch activities for the new digital platform. 

Project logic: IF we digitize inter-sectoral and cross-border youth work in WB6 economies, Croatia and Slovenia and create linkages to education and the labour market AND develop a DIGITAL PLATFORM to connect young people far from the labour market, or in long-term unemployment to information, resources, personal and professional opportunities THEN the DIGITAL PLATFORM will be a tool to create shorter and sustainable pathways for young people and co-creation of responsive projects for youth empowerment and employment.

The project is implemented by Youth Alliance - Krusevo in partnership with AKTIV [Kosovo], National Youth Congress [Albania], Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation [Serbia], Croatian Youth Network (Croatia), PRONI (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Unija Mladih Preduzetnika Crne Gore (Montenegro) and  N.K.L. INZINERING (Slovenia) and it is co - funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission

For more information, visit: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/search/details/101130622

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