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   DigiPath - Youth Up 4 Possibilities

DigiPath - Youth Up 4 Possibilities’ addresses youth unemployment by enabling shared digital youth work in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Unsustainable youth brain drain is a big risk. Trends show young people migrating from WB6 economies, to Croatia and Slovenia, there is a lack of shared data on flows and quality opportunities. Four urgent concerns contribute to young people living in precarious conditions: unemployment, repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, sluggish transition to digital youth work, and absence of inter-sectoral collaboration. In the 24-month project, partners will collaborate to develop a digital tool that connects education, labor market and the youth sector to each other and young people. Enabling visibility about decent personal and professional development opportunities in home and destination countries.

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  • Enhance capacities of 8 youth organizations in inter-sectorial cooperation with education and the labor market;
  • Support the digital transition and increase competences in digital youth work;
  • Enable participating organizations to co-deliver sustainable projects supporting youth future prospects;
  • Create a digital tool, DIGITAL PLATFORM, enabling cooperation between sectors, youth participation and strengthening cooperation in WB6 economies, Croatia and Slovenia;
  • Setting a circular framework of youth empowerment.

Project logic: IF we digitize inter-sectoral and cross-border youth work in WB6 economies, Croatia and Slovenia, AND create linkages to education and the labour market AND develop a DIGITAL PLATFORM to connect young people far from the labour market, or in long-term unemployment to information, resources, personal and professional opportunities THEN the DIGITAL PLATFORM will be a tool to create shorter and sustainable pathways for young people and co-creation of responsive projects for youth empowerment and employment.

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