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   Common values for Common actions

General Info

The Youth Exchange "Common Values for Common Actions" took place in Krusevo, North Macedonia from the 1 to the 9 of September and brought together 58 participants from 10 different countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and North Macedonia.The group of participants was composed of young people mainly aged between 16 and 30 years old and that were already active in organisations which implement youth activities and who were willing to develop Common Values for Common Actions.

The main topic of the youth exchange was exploring the role of young people in their contribution to the preservation and the development of common values while respecting the diversity of the cultures and traditions. Alongside with "Cultural diversity" and "Young people in multicultural society", two other priorities have been integrated Intercultural competences for “Youth employment” and “Youth Participation”.

General project objectives

  • Broadening the cultural awareness among young people and thus fostering understanding and tolerance of people with different national, ethnic and religious backgrounds;
  • Providing an opportunity for: intercultural exchange by discussing different local (national) experiences related to youth employment; promotion of cross-border professional and vocational opportunities for young people; and exchange of ideas for ensuring access to unemployed young people to all offered opportunities;
  • Promoting youth participation in decision making processes as an added value to actual multicultural societies in EU and SEE and encouraging young people to be active citizens;
  • Articulating recommendations for cooperation, common actions and future work between participants in youth development perspectives;
  • Promoting YiA programme as a tool that encourages active participation of young people, and a way to acquire knowledge and skills useful for persons' professional development.


The youth exchange "Common Values for Common Actions" helped the young people stimulate intercultural contacts, to identify positive experiences in the region, to raise intercultural understanding and European awareness, to promote further tolerance and understanding of diversity and to enhance concrete cooperation actions between the young people.   We strongly believe that "Common Values for Common Actions" raised awareness between the participants of the certainty that the more we know about each other and our neighbors, the greater chance we have of understanding and appreciating the differences between us and putting them in action for joint actions.    

You can find more information about the results of the international youth exchange “Common Values for Common Actions” in the project brochure.

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