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Youth Alliance from Krusevo believes that young people deserve opportunities to gain autonomy earlier in their lives, a decent livelihood, wider opportunities for youth participation and prospects to explore their potential by using formal and nonformal education. In the course of our mission, we are dedicated to taking actions in order to pave the way for many young people to become youth activists; multipliers of EU values; encouraged for self-employment and entrepreneurship and active in the economic development of their local communities.

  • Potential of cultural treasure of Gallery Martinoski – part of the project “Development of the Municipalities and Culture” – 2007, Youth Alliance Krusevo was the leading organization of the project activities for restoration and conservation of the Gallery "Nikola Martinoski" in Krusevo. Due to the enthusiasm of the young people, today the house-gallery of world famous painter Nikola Martinoski is a proud monument on the cultural map of Krusevo and monument of the old architecture of Krusevo. The project activities were supported by the World Bank.
  • "Young – Creators of the Local Community - 2007" – Training seminar for young people aimed at encouraging active participation of young people in the decision-making process on local level and conditions for Local Economic Development. During the training seminar 25 young people from Dolneni, Zitose, Krivogastani, Bucin, Aldanci, Vrboec, Bucin were trained for their active participation in the decision-making process.

Youth for Community-Establishment of
 Cultural - Info Center for Cultural Heritage 2009 –project activities for establishment of Info Center for Cultural Heritage in Krusevo leaded by youth workers, leaders and activists in Youth Alliance. The project activities were part of the project “Development of the Municipalities and Culture” – 2009. Today young people from Krusevo have more opportunities for their development in the field of culture and the city of Krusevo has a place where tourists can get information on sightseeing  in Krusevo and its tourist offer and they can purchase souvenirs and items linked with the city and its history.

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