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   RAISE CSOs - Resilient and Inclusive Social Entrepreneurship Pathways for Youth with local grassroot

The proposed action is in line with the overall objective of this call for proposal by strengthening youth socio-economic integration through social entrepreneurship promotion. The proposed action, builds upon the basic premises of social enterprises as a concept, thus promotes participatory democracy through:

1) increasing the engagement and participation of young people in democratic processes, especially in policy relevant areas such as environment protection, employment, social exclusion, poverty, social welfare services, jurisdiction, public sector management and accountability etc;

2) innovation in participation by promoting good practices of involvement, consultation and participation of beneficiaries and stakeholders, including public institutions;

3) social cohesion: by fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual understanding among diverse groups;

4) public services improvement: by directly addressing local issues and improving public services through innovative solutions, youth-led enterprises can demonstrate the effectiveness of a participatory approach in governance and service delivery.

By empowering young people and other marginalized groups to engage in these areas, youth-led social enterprises contribute not only to the immediate strengthening of democratic practices but also to laying the groundwork for sustained progress toward EU accession for North Macedonia. 

The project will reach the above-mentioned objectives through implementing a set of various activities, organized in 3 complementary project components: 1) Preparing the Ground; 2) Capacitation, including Resources, People and Organizations; and 3) Networking, Partnering, Learning and Development. List of publications: policy brief, research paper from the assessment phase, project impact assessment  

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