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   Meeting of cultures

General Info

The Youth International Exchange Meeting of Cultures took place in Krusevo from 5-11 September, 2009 and it brought together 8 (eight) non-governmental organizations from 7 (seven) neighboring countries: North Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The duration of the project from preparation to evaluation was 90 days, and in the course of 7 days 58 young people came together to discuss an issue that concerns us all: European integration of the SEE region.

Project objectives

European integration of SEE region and active participation of young people in accelerating this integration process and specific project objectives were:

  • Allowing the youth to exchange and confront their ideas and questions regarding shared future in Europe;
  • Emphasize unity, common visions and tolerance among young people;
  • Encourage development of new partnerships and projects.

Project achievements 

  • Fostered mutual understanding between young people from different countries and establishing high quality projects and partnerships;
  • Promotion of the Youth in Action Programme as a tool of cooperation;  
  • Participants in the youth exchange were from different countries with different cultures, belonging to different religious groups and speaking different languages. Young people from the Balkan region need to be part of the EU family as soon as possible and they should be actively involved in the process of Europeanization of the region;
  • Participants acquired knowledge on making applications for Youth in Action Program and improved their skills and knowledge about regional youth cooperation and possibilities.



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