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   DIVE in Social Entrepreneurship

General Info

Youth (un)employment is one of this generation's most critical issues. Majority of European countries face high unemployment rates and significant difference exists between the countries. Unfavorable employment situation (long job seeking periods, poor job quality and searching instead of creating job opportunities) and the destructive influence from the society contribute to an increasing number of demotivated and invisible youngsters in the world. In this respect, Dive in SE Project will contribute towards fighting high rates of unemployment by capacity building of youth organizations in the field of social business through transnational cooperation and developing competencies of young unemployed people to create new social businesses.

Moreover, what this project intends to do is to provide a way for active development of human capital, practical encouragement of social entrepreneurial activities and establishment of effective pathways to youth employment in strategic cooperation with different stakeholders.

"Dive in Social Entrepreneurship" is a capacity building project funded by the EU under the Erasmus + programme, Capacity building in the field of youth, and it will be implemented in period of 17 months including partners from the following countries: North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Brazil, South Africa and Costa Rica.



Major Goal

Increased capacity of youth organizations and other stakeholders on the key themes of youth unemployment and social business through mobility and capacity building activities.

Specific Objectives 

  • Improved knowledge and abilities of youth organizations and other stakeholders to respond to the issue of youth unemployment through creating cooperative, accessible, inspiring and supportive social business environment and by providing young people’s quality activities enabling them to develop their competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship;
  • Enhanced cooperation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth social entrepreneurship between Programme and Partner countries from different regions of the world;
  • Support development of new practices based on cross sector cooperation to be implemented in participant’s countries to fight youth unemployment and encourage young people to actively participate in the society.

Main Project Activities

  • Capacity building activities (kick of meeting and local research studies) 
  • Mobility activities (one seminar, two training courses, study visits and job shadowing)

You can find more information about the project “DIVE in Social Entrepreneurship” on the project official web site. 

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