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   Europe, my country

General Info  

EuroDEMOSS Association together with partners from Italy, North Macedonia and United Kingdom implemented the project “Europe, my country”, founded by Europe for Citizens program of the European Union.

Main project objective

Encouraging democratic participation and active citizenship through building civic sense of belonging and understanding of legal procedures and institutions of the European Union.

Main project activities:

  • Preparatory activities for the main project activities which took place in Romania during a meeting;
  • Civil research on the activities of the National Euro MEPs and national parliamentarians;
  • Public campaign to promote European citizenship;
  • National Conference that will include citizens, the society and decision makers.  The results of the research will be presented during the conference;
  • International training course for civic and social competence;
  • Promotion of the project’s final document in front of the decision makers of the EU and national level.

 You can find more information about “Europe my country” at the project web site.

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