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   Collective Impact for Peace - Towards Conflict-Sensitive Relations between Bulgaria and North Macedo

‘Collective Impact for Peace: Towards Conflict-Sensitive Relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonian’ is a project aimed at centering youth perspectives and agency at the heart of bridging the persistent and erupting divides between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Learning and leveraging YAK’s experience in driving cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece through the youth cooperation offices model, the ultimate goal would be to map, identify and experiment with new ways of collaborating that can transform the tensions between the two countries. This action enabled the young people and civil society to conduct participatory and inclusive research processes in order to get at constraint drivers for peace and generating new opportunities for transformative change. The project encompassing two main activities: Participatory research with main aim to understand better the dynamics among young people about the bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Bearing in mind the complicated history between the two countries, the research team aimed to get a better understanding of how young people from both countries create their views of each other and how they currently perceive the relations between the two countries; Multi-stakeholder dialogue forum that centers youth experiences, acquired knowledge and insights at various levels to generate scalable innovations for collaboration for peace.

The project is a systemic collective initiative catalyzing a culture of equitable collaborative efforts to promote peace in tension-afflicted areas within the SEE region, in particular the sensitive tensions between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, which could destabilize the region if left unturned. Ultimately the project seeks to identify brave and courageous group of peaceful future makers willing to take a forefront step towards promoting peace, and identifying a road map of social franchising wherein the successful youth cooperation office (North Macedonia and Greece) model could be impactfully reused, applied and implemented, taking into account the embedded context conditions that inform the relationship dynamics between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

The project “Collective Impact for Peace - Towards Conflict-Sensitive Relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia” is implemented by Youth Alliance Krusevo and made possible with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia.

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